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Reviews for "Scrap Memories - Chapter One"

Nice new game from you, but with several flaws. I am playing it on an Intel-type CPU and on Firefox and the game certainly has one major issue: during dialogue sequences or opening the bins the game can freeze even for several minutes. For example currently I am waiting for nearly 10 minutes for the game to close the dialogue box after I picked up an item so I can continue playing. And without any export/import save feature I would have to start the game on other browser from the very beginning. It's bad that you did not ensure that the game can be played without problems on both major browsers. Also - as you stated that you want to go for a Kickstarter - do your best so the game could be played on all types of CPUs/GPUs, because if it will be "excluding" the AMD users because of performance problems it can seriously harm your monetization plans.

BigBossErndog responds:

Thanks for letting me know! At least it seems I've narrowed it down to it being Firefox, rather than AMD. It just so happened the first couple of people to report it also had AMD processors. Since then people with Intel CPUs have reported the problem, so the issue must be isolated to Firefox.

Seems to be a strange problem with Phaser 3 as this has not been reported with previous games which all used Phaser 2. I can't replicate this behavior myself, it works fine on my laptop (which is the only device I have to test this on) so this is very difficult to fix.
Thankfully the testers who have encountered this problem have reported that the issue is resolved if they use another browser, such as Chrome.

All I can say to players is to avoid Firefox.

The offline version will hopefully be fine then, because it will be running on NW.js which is Chromium based. None of my testers have had problems running it offline on NW.js.

I will be reporting this issue to both Phaser and Mozilla, and hopefully we can resolve this :)

good game. controls were good, graphics are mostly clear and convey purpose well. gameplay and story so far are also good.
suggest adding a first find info on items (had no idea what the carrot stick did and used it at full health, also wasted a few uses of pen caps and rubber bands )
interested in the lore more as well.
if you can resolve the audio issue for firefox that would be awesome. only question I have is what was/is the 3rd secret medal?
I'm on an intel cpu and nvidia graphics card for reference and had the issue, although that could also have been issues with loading it?

BigBossErndog responds:

Hmm weird. I really don’t know what to do, it feels more like a problem on Phaser’s part. I think all I can do now is tell people not to use Firefox, I’ve not been able to replicate this myself.

You may have missed the cheese sandwich in the fridge...

Great feedback! Especially with the first find idea. Thanks for your review!

Edit: It now gives the player a description of the item when they first get it :D