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Reviews for "Scrap Memories - Chapter One"

Okay this is really cool! Reminds me of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. I like the character dynamic, and the (spoiler) giant bunny man. Cool concept, I just struggle with the control layout and accessing the menu. Otherwise, I really like it.

Controls could be mapped out a bit, maybe incorporate the mouse with selection. Otherwise great game and great music.

Awesome game. I just have an issue with the controls.

This is a pretty cool game. Reminds me very much of games like Azure Dreams and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon in terms of game play. The only real criticisms I have would be the walking movement versus the running movement. Running feels very fluid and easy to control where as walking requires you told hold the button for a full second before movement takes place. It just feels kinda clunky.

The other thing is the Firefox thing. I know you address it in both the game and description but I feel like that's kinda dismissive. The player shouldn't be required to download another browser just to play the game without issues. If you know something is wrong you should be looking into it to try and fix it if possible ya know?

Either way, neat game.

BigBossErndog responds:


Thanks so much!
That little delay before walking is meant to make walking diagonally easier (since it's near impossible to press both keys at the same time). I originally didn't have that delay and people were telling me it was impossible to properly walk diagonally by one step, which often lead to them walking the wrong way and getting attacked. I'm thinking of making it so the player can use the settings to adjust that delay or remove it entirely for the next episode.
That delay should only be like 12 frames and not a whole second, so perhaps this is something I should look into.

EDIT: I've just updated the game with a new walking system. This allows me to reduce the delay while making it very easy to walk diagonally. Would you like to try it out?)

I know about the Firefox issue, I've tried my best and I've had my hand at looking for help in the Phaser forums. I can't replicate this behavior myself, it works just fine on Firefox using my laptop, so I've only added those warnings based on the reports of other people playing the game on Firefox.
It's not my own framework the game is running on, so I don't know what's going on behind the scenes, which makes things extremely difficult for me to fix. All I can do is leave it to the developer of the Phaser framework. I'm really sorry :(

I'll also be making offline version of the game available. People have said none of these issues happen in the offline version.

Again, thanks for your review! :D

Im just confused.

BigBossErndog responds:

Hi, can you pm me? I'd like to know why you're confused. It could really help me out, thanks.