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Reviews for ""A Grim Birthday""

The picture of the younger you has the date 2052. But... your birthdate is .. 2070.. Something seems a bit off there.. I got the code, but.. the picture kind of threw me off...

Other than that awesome start to a game! I look forward to seeing what comes next!


XyroDonatus responds:

Indeed ;P

I absolutely ADORE the lore, the challenges, the little extra dialogue; IT'S BEAUTIFUL. Everything ties together, even if you can't tell at first. It's amazing how you also get a bit of character development on the parents, even though you don't actually interact with them.

But even though I praise your work here, I also can't quite figure out the code in the parcel. I got the knife, I opened it, I had the grey key, the power was on, and I read the father's note in the floorboards.
Yet I can't seem to make out the code. Maybe to a system that tells you which numbers are right and in the right places, or maybe just make the code a tad bit easier..

XyroDonatus responds:

Thank you so much Mothball!!! I had a lot of fun making this little thing, although I honestly cant wait to get back on it and work on the full thing :3

As for the code thingy-ma-doodar, for some reason, it has a weird look to it if you fail it once (One number always stays for some reason, so ya gotta input a number to get reid of it. Kinda like a ghost number. no clue why it does it though). That could be one reason, or you may just have missed out on one of the clues. If you get super stuck though, just send me a DM :D

Once again, thanks for the praise, and thank you for playing! ^U^

Could use a bit of polish, but overall pretty good.

This is awesome!! I especially enjoyed feeding demon blood to the montser...Thingy in the box. X3

XyroDonatus responds:

Thanks for playing Necro :D glad ya enjoyed it ^^