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Reviews for ""A Grim Birthday""

The picture of the younger you has the date 2052. But... your birthdate is .. 2070.. Something seems a bit off there.. I got the code, but.. the picture kind of threw me off...

Other than that awesome start to a game! I look forward to seeing what comes next!

This is awesome!! I especially enjoyed feeding demon blood to the montser...Thingy in the box. X3

XyroDonatus responds:

Thanks for playing Necro :D glad ya enjoyed it ^^

Neat. Many sprites go beyond the borders though, so you can't see things properly.

XyroDonatus responds:

Yah, I've been having problems with trying to scale everything to fit every kind of screen (Since scaling is something I'm not very familiar with atm). It's definitely something I reeaaaaaaly need to improve on in the future. Thank you so much for playing though IAY :D

Could use a bit of polish, but overall pretty good.

this is a very nice game friend. i hope to see more in the future