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Reviews for "Dungeon Tail v0.06b"

i cant belive the quality of this fine game is a work of art. i would totally suport you guys if i had money, i really hope you get the support and love your work deserves.
ps: i really liked the busty bunny girl <3 thanks a lot for adding a paizuri scene <3

Pretty decent game. Animations are very well done. Looking forward to seeing how it develops.

I will be looking forward to Adah haha
Really liked the adventure elements here and everything about the art. The animations were great and sound as well including the music. Everything I've seen so far looks like this is well on it's way to be a great H game.

I did not expect this level of quality, like damn the animation was on point and the voice acting on top of all of it... good damn. Excited for the updates to follow :D

love the concept