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Reviews for "Dungeon Tail v0.06b"

Pretty nice

- Music is nice
- Drawing style is original
- Nice concept of "choose your own adventure" style, plus interesting idea of soling riddles. I just hope that they're wont be something skill related harder than the lockpick. It was a nice addition, but if it gets tougher, can be annoying.
- Simple but endearing story and characters
- It's nice to see a chubby yet sexy character

So, how to improve it...

- Serously though... I dont know. Maybe add an exploration thing or character building thing, since it's after all a "dungeon crawling"... But if that's not the objective of the game, totally fine.

Thanks for your hard work !

The game is too demanding to run properly on most pcs online so let me throw a suggestion, why dont you make gameplay video showcasing all possible outcomes?

OmegaOzone responds:

I have plenty of the animations already available in my NG gallery, and if you'd like some raw gameplay, someone over on pornhub recorded a video from an older version that shows off the game pretty nicely: https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5d029950d74cd

I might make an updated gameplay video though, good suggestion.

So, leaving the score here for now until it's fixed. Game is great but I cannot get past the bathing scene. I mean, I have tried 3 times now and the game keeps freezing and then crashing. It will freeze, then go white screen, then the game restarts from main menu. Idk if that is simply where the game ends or what, but I am pretty sure the game is broken (at least for me). Alienware laptop, google chrome if that helps.

OmegaOzone responds:

Unfortunately, the game can be unstable based on outside factors. Try closing your other tabs and clearing your web cache. If that doesn't work, try using a different browser like firefox or just download the offline version on my patreon (it's free!). I'll try looking into the issue but it may be hard to fix on my end since I can't reproduce it. I've tested the game on both my work PC and my crappy laptop with both chrome and firefox and haven't had any issues like that.

Good so far. Skip text button would be nice. Personally dont like fatties, so didnt like that much about the girl. Adah seems interesting. Voice is.. kinda meh. Not sure if male voice is needed at all.
Think im gonna wait for new versions of the game

I have a problem,when I press New Game,it's broken.

OmegaOzone responds:

How so? You may just have to wait a bit since the game is loading a lot of game data at that point. If you're getting an error message, try closing other tabs and clearing your browser cache. Your browser may be running out of ram and causing it to crash.