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Reviews for "Sky Kitty"

the game is just a good time waster. thats it.

evowolfdemon responds:

What would u like to see in the game ?

The game is ok, but as others mentioned there are several problems here:
1. I also died lots of times when touching a rocket after picking up a fire power up;
2. 100 and 200 coins medals are not being awarded at all;
3. I counted the rockets destroyed, but the medal also was not awarded;
4. The scoreboards do not work for me at all;
5. I am also sure that the coding of your game spams the NG API with requests. There is one obvious symptom for that, noticeable from player's side: after you finish a round if you click on high scores or any of the medals nothing happens for even nearly a minute. This is also probably why NG API goes nuts and fails to award most of the medals properly.

evowolfdemon responds:

I have an updated coming soon. Just getting it all sorted out to see if I cant get rid of all the bugs. Fire has been fixed in new version but still working on metals and score board so I have not posted yet. Thank you for the input and I will have e this fixed as soon as I can

Some medals were not rewarded to me. Bummer after playing past 100 coins :(

evowolfdemon responds:

I'm not sure why its acting like that sorry for the inconvenience. I am trying.

I bet your game is hammering the newgrounds.io API hard and thus is getting routinely banned pretty quick, hence maybe someone can get a medal here or there, but majority of the time they never award to anyone. You're not awarding medals in a loop or something are you?

Aside from that, your cat dies a lot of the times when you hit a rocket even *with* the powerup in play.

Keep working on it.

evowolfdemon responds:

Yeah I will see about fixing these issues. I think it may be a loop because when you die it resets the coins and that gives score witch in turn gives us the coin metals .. thanks for the in site and comment. I will fix as soon as I can

Seems like a fun game, would be nice if you listed what song is playing in the background though, seems a couple of the medals are working, they just happen to be a little buggy on whether or not they will work currently.

EDIT: Tried the game again, seems no medals are currently unlocking still, hope they work soon. Also, unsure what the scoreboard is for, would it be possible to give a more clear description of what the scoreboard is keeping track of?

EDIT update 1/10/2020: Seems several of the medals are still not working. Also, feel like the font should be changed slightly as I got a little confused after 100 coins and thought it said I had 200+ coins for some reason.

EDIT update: 5/14/2020: Coin and time based medals still do not work at this time. :(

evowolfdemon responds:

Metals should all work now :) .