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Reviews for "Punks & Thugs!"

the lighting makes this look really nice.

Holy shit. That was such an awesome scene of her taking advantage of the lights and darkness.

Wow. Splendid.


- I'm a bit of a storyteller/writer myself. The premise here is juicy- but it's multiplied by the direction this had. It was just the right level of information provided early on and the entire affair snowballs tremendously fast without feeling detached or as if it is cheap. No. Actually, quite the opposite. It was a wonderful pairing of visual storytelling and pacing that makes me want to see this as a scene in a feature film.
- The choice of palette, background and foreground is compelling. It is a smorgasbord of 90's spread, earthy and 'muck' tones as well as thematically appropriate outliers (e.g. when the two "hitmen" show up in the suddenly red hallway). This was very deliberate.
- The sound for this was spot-on. This didn't rely on language, although it could have. The ample visual narrative handled the preliminaries and overall basis- this in turn left so much breathing room for minimalist sound engineering that it made this a joy to watch. When our lovely heroine suddenly realizes she is shot and is in the tub and the emphasis switches to her breathing... Marvelous.

- I wish there was more. Plain and simple. There's nothing else I could put here that would be worth squat.

This has a wonderfully palpable quality to it akin to Kill the Noise - Blvck magic.

Keep creating,

I would feel sad for the guy who got shot with the tommy but with hair like that...I just can't

Nice, I wonder how you never lose track of the frames you make in stop motion