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Reviews for "Punks & Thugs!"

Soooo freakin dope

Short and sweet. Amazing talent.

The animation and cinematography is outstanding! For claymation to look this good is really an achievement :3

Dark. I'll start out by saying I absolutely love it. The clay animation artstyle in this one is fantastic. Very Tarantinoish with the violence and cinematography. The sound design and quality really fits the story. And the silent storytelling is on point, but I personally think this animation could benefit from some more voice acting, specially at the part when she screams. I get it that the guitar is loud but a muffled scream would make this way more immersive than it already is. But I dont think that should influence the score because its clearly an artistic choice. Great animation!

I liked this, but didn't love it. I guess I wanted more of a story. It certainly took me by surprise. I thought it would be a music video. Instead, it was about a gang shooting! I'll give you credit for that.

The music's pretty good too. Happy 2020! Well, this was released before that. The length was good too. The stop motion effects were quite nice.