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Reviews for "Punks & Thugs!"


Damn. Depressing story, but extremely well animated. Me likey.

I really like the gunplay in this.
From the breach and clear to the the tactically taking out the lights it was very well compose on a shot by shot basis.
It's interesting choice to not have any back an forth, but i know cuing clay to speech can be super time consuming.
Since you where cutting between perspectives you could have had the spoken lines delivered when the person was off screen, so we would only see the person listening.
The silence did make it visceral, especially with the emphasis of noise in the beginning.
I guess only real compliant is where she go tthe extra bullets?
I only see 2 spare in box, and I know it's a small gripe but with how engaing the gunplay is, I was expecting her to have grab the Uzi, so it broke the narrative for me slightly.
Otherwise I really liked how you set up the set, and some of your sweeping shots are amazingly ambitious, and pay off.
Thanks for making this.

Jesus that is so well done man, love it

This looks incredible! Well done! Very nice camera work.