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Reviews for "Azurael's Circle: Chapter 5"

That was a great ending! I thought it was a fantastic idea having to play through as the different characters from the series to bring all the parts of the story to a conclusion. I have absolutely loved and thoroughly enjoyed playing the Azurael's games and I look forward to any other projects you have in the works! A++++++

TheEnkian responds:

I hoped that people would enjoy switching between the characters and that it would be a nice surprise to people who've played the series from the start. Glad it way!

There are a 'few' typos/spelling.
I love being able to control multiple characters at once, it has a real sense of drama akin to a TV show or mystery novel. Being able to go back in a full circle with multiple characters/main characters is AWESOME. A great finale touch!

This is a slight nitpick but..while its nice I'm getting keys to rooms, not being able to know which room is which without a Map guide with the words of rooms across as I uncover new rooms is a tiny letdown.

Also I LOVE the puzzles this time around. The backwards messages and clues. The Ancestral puzzle was Very interesting to me of all of them despite how simple it may be.

Can't wait to get the full vers!

TheEnkian responds:

I'm going to get those typos all fixed up in the next week or so in preparation for the Steam release. It's amazing how you can ready something over and over for testing yet still miss the typos, haha. Very glad you enjoyed the grand finale overall and the feedback is definitely noted! All the best :)

"My name is father David Wallace. I was born in Scotland..." Heheheh Just kidding, couldn't resist. Anyway, the game is great, bringing them all together is something we probably didn't expect, and the atmosphere is always uniquely scary.

TheEnkian responds:

Thank you! I'm glad that the atmosphere was good in this one. I feel like the third chapter put narrative over atmosphere in a few places so I wanted Chapter 4 and 5 to both go back to being more eerie by having less people about similar to Chapter 1 and 2.

the riddles where a bit hard, chappital letter? dea*th*? english is not my mother language

TheEnkian responds:

Yeah, some of them probably don't translate well. The riddles can be answered in all upper case or all lower case.

I've found this and played all five chapters from the start. Nice to see you bring the game to a proper (imo) conclusion. It was also a very lovable design. My only issue was the need to click on the menu items twice, which would get especially unpleasant with entering passwords. Other than that, I loved it. Hope we will see more from you in other projects and genres!

TheEnkian responds:

Thank you for taking the time to play from the first chapter all the way to the end. Yes, I definitely agree about some of the clicking aspects. If you're looking for anything else I've made, I've got a bunch of games here on NG for free and a full length RPG release called Tale of Enki: Pilgrimage.