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Reviews for "Monster Musume Dungeons 0.6"



I'm not sure if this is new or something, but I started a new game and I don't restore my health after a dungeon. Even if I lose, I still can't restore my health. If I use heal I can restore health, but it barely makes any difference after taking damage. I'm taking like 10 turns just to get to full health in the middle of a fight. When I load progress from a previous version of the game I can't gain access to any of the new content. Can't say I'm satisfied with this version of the game. Maybe, I missed something and I don't know it, if you could let me know I would be willing try the game again.

Love every update to this game, how do i get the cat boss in my bedroom? it seemed to happen automatically in the previous version, now i can't seem to get it to trigger.

ive beaten the dark wood in my previous save and when i loaded up this one no matter what i do cant seem to progress.