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Reviews for "Monster Musume Dungeons 0.6"

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Great game! I did run into a slight problem though. I can't figure out how to "spare" enemies. While in the bedroom the fairy says that "pleasing then sparing people is a good way to make friends". How am I supposed to spare enemies? I figured out that "pleasing" probably means letting them do lewd stuff to you but that's about all I could figure out.


excuse me there are still 2 slots available in the gallery is this some kind of special monster or smthn?

I love it.However I have had a few problems.

Starting with good things; I love how diverse, quirky & high quality the animations, pictures, & sounds are. I enjoy how most monster girls have animations that satisfy both the sexually dominant & submissive sides of the community, and me, being a switch, makes it all the more better.

The combat system is pretty good; I haven't seen much like it before, especially on H-games.

This leads me to the things I did not enjoy about the game: I understand that it is undergoing some improvement, but I believe it would be better for the developer, along with the community, if the developers released updates to the game with fully completed content, not partially completed content. This way people aren't disappointed when they see a lovely looking monster girl (or Fae, during the darkness forest place thing) appear & yet have no erotic sounds, or, in Caits case, no animations & only audio.

I also found the lack of hints & tutorials to be bothersome. I had no idea how to evolve Cait into her final form until someone in the comments (thank you, MasterofLaziness) mentioned it & I came across it. I also had no tutorial show up for me upon initial launch, & there might be some dialogue inconsistencies involving Fae. I don't know for sure because I was beating my shit while skimming through, but I believe I saw a few; they seemed like chronological inconsistencies in dialogue.

I found the difficulty of the game to be inconsistent; It seemed way too easy from the start & only got difficult after the graveyard. I believe that maybe a difficulty option would work well for those who either just want to wank it off or have a challenge & get rewarded with a good fap. Plus it could help make things more consistent when it comes to the difficulty of the monster girls.

Other than those problems, I basically have no problem with it anymore since I already unlocked - I think - everything; so it's infinite nutting for me (code is at the bottom). But I would enjoy to see changes made to the game to improve upon it. Any other problems that I may have but weren't said here are most likely stated in MasterofLaziness' post.