Size of a thimble huh? That's sad.

That was a funny short. I liked your style of integrating your movie with the music. That radio country guy's hilarious. Nice job Orange.

El Equipo Del Reloj Posee

De nuevo otra animaciĆ³n brillante del reloj. Hecho muy bien.



Hey, Why'd ya do it man?

Why did you send me the "Super COnsole Wars pt 3" crap??

I got alot of crap for that you bastard now I got a blammed film to my name. I'm never uploading anything for you agian. Your pulp to me man, nothin but pulp!!

I hope these people find out your not even a Florida orange!! You grade D piece of misfit Alaskan fruit!!!

Your mother was a grape-fruit.

You sick hybrid.

Yea, Superneck, it is so. Glad you saw the crime.

good job

hey did you see where that guy submitted that really artsy movie calling it superconsole wars pt3 and said you made him do it

why would you do such a thing

say it ain't so orange clock
say it ain't so