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Reviews for "Ebullience (Original Mix)"

A really nice vibe to this track! A melody and harmony that I love!

The good work! Could use a bit more presence on the beat though. Love it!

Mich responds:

Thank you! I do agree, the kick doesn't cut too well through the mix, I'll need to work on that in next pieces.

Thanks for the review!

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I got really excited around 30 seconds in when the bass said hi. The melodies are super fun and unexpected. Cool drum fills and background stuffs. I really liked those piano pad melodies. This would be so much fun to remix ^o^

Mich responds:

Bass kicking in is always fun. :3 Thanks for the praise Quarl, and feel free to remix if you want; you can poke me if you'd like some stems exported to play with. :)

Must say absolutely incredible!

Mich responds:

Thanks, glad you enjoy it! :-)