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Reviews for "Carmelita Fox Tries a Dating Site! (MrSafetyLion) (18+)"

Interesting piece. Animation was smooth, the transition between the scenes was smoother then most every true porno out there. The music wasn't bad either. Added ambiance instead of "ear rape" Even the "nature sounds" in the bg were at a good level. All in all. I'd say pretty damned amazing.

Only reason I don't do 5 stars? No matter how amazing you are. There's always room for improvement somewhere. Thank you for sharing this

Not bad...
Also nice work!
Love your works :)

she may have said "that is not what she is looking for" but it is and clearly what she wants ;)

And I thought it was annoying when the sound of crashing waves drowned out everything else happening on screen, but now we've just got boring elevator music and crickets to make up for a lack of sex noise. Also, no real dialouge either. Just Carmelita saying something cheesy at the beginning and then on we go with a few mediocre loops... and an ending that could've used some more sound and less noise.

Is this the kind of quality that people pay you for Safety? Because it's frankly disappointing to watch. You've barely improved at all since I first discovered you with those "Fallen Krystal" animations way back.

But why do I bother moaning? It's not like I could persuade you to work better for your money when I have none of it to offer. That's just how it works I guess...

Nice one ~