Reviews for "[ANIM] Saber Padoru [FGO]"

The best Christmas gift EVER!! XD

Her size is so BUSTY!!!

Absolutely adore your old anime animations and cannot await for more every time! Though I can't stop focusing on the fact that shouldn't Saber's eyes be Green or would retro animation make green eyes more of a light brown? Since I can't recall seeing any girls back in the day with green eyes blue yes but green err not really. Anyway awesome job!

Yesssss. The umu.

Fecking funny!

Y'know, I've been kind of growing tired of padoru memes lately, but your animation and art style are so nice that I could still appreciate this. I love your 90s anime style, it looks true to what it's trying to replicate while still looking unique enough to be recognizable as your own style. Also it was cute as fuck 5 stars.