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Reviews for "Merry Christmas Tom Fulp"

Well, that was pretty odd. It was just Tom Fulp being punched over and over. Seriously, 10,000 punches? I'd have to give you credit for getting Tom Fulp to do this. This seems degrading for him. Well, it's just a game.

I wish this had more to do with Christmas. It was really pretty unrelated. Still, it's Christmas! Got to appreciate everything we have. Four people worked on something this simple?

ninjamuffin99 responds:

its because u actually give tom fulp a punch for christmas as a gift haha get it

think I broke my keyboard, but poor Tom Fulp

A simple one button game with achievements requiring some patience and willpower to keep going even if your arms start to get a little tired from mashing the spacebar button as fast as possible. Surprised I was able to keep going for as long as I did with this game. I wanted to stop at 32,323 just because it seemed like it would be a funny number to give up mashing the spacebar at. Mayhaps another day I shall I try to achieve that, just not today, lol. Will take second place for the time being though with around 29k spacebar clicks.

The graphics are simple yet alright. I kind of felt it would have been more interesting to see more bruises accumulate over time on Tom's face the more you keep playing with his face resetting for every 10k spacebar clicks. Not sure how much more time that would take but thought I would write that just incase you all ever decide to update the game a little.

The audio is relaxing for the most part and kind of gets you into the spirit of "giving Tom a gift" for awhile.

Overall, not bad, gameplay is similar to SHOOOOOOOOOM. Thanks to all of you for continuing to make fun games and TomFulp for the voice acting in this game.~

EDIT: I just now noticed the number the current #1 score stopped at, lmao.

'For all the Newgrounds haters, this is my gift to you this Christmas"
~ninjamuff 2019, probably

Oh man, poor Tom...

Nice game, I guess. Good gameplay.