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Reviews for "Lovu Lovu Blast - Xmas Castle PUBLIC"

Only gets to 98%, then stops loading. I'm on Chrome...Suggestions?
OK. 20 min to finally load.

Dezue responds:

Heyho, yosemite!
Oh wow O_O 20 min is definitely too much.
For me it sometimes works with games that get stuck when I refresh the page again. Theoretically, the game should work on Chrome as well.
Thanks for playing and stay funky,

Once again another great game. I also love the art style you use in them. Keep up the good work and have a great christmas.

Dezue responds:

Heyho, SpringTrap15!
Thanks a ton my man! I'm very glad you enjoy my games :)
A funky sexy christmas to you, too!
Stay funky,

A slight bit easier would be nice. Also a reset button...

Dezue responds:

Heyho, IPhQ!
Thanks for playing and for your feedback! Both of your wishes shall come true in the next update :)
Merry christmas and stay funky,

Not a bad game concept but I feel it could use some changing up and such to be a better game.

The game play is simple, try to guesstimate when to press the left mouse button to send it flying up and coming down to hit a powerup orb or give more balls to work with. I think if one manages to hit the powerup and heart orbs, the player should be given back an extra ball so they essentially gain back the ball they just hit something with, otherwise they would lose the ball.

The audio is kind of a mixed bag for me. The background music is really nice and relaxing but the voice acting kind of feels narmy or off at times. Also, I notice the voice actor is not credited anywhere at all. I take it they did not want to be credited for their voice work?

Lastly, if some type of gallery is unlocked, feels kind of crummy to make the user go to your website or patreon just to see the 18+ content in my opinion. Maybe add an in-game gallery for unlockable content rather than keeping it locked off site?

Overall, not bad but could use some changes.

Dezue responds:

Heyho, NekoMika!
Thank you for playing and for the detailed review! Really appreciate that!

I'll address all the feedback about the difficulty in the next update - while I like a challenge, I didn't want to make the game impossibly hard :D The ball bonus when an orb is hit is a neat idea, I'll try that out.
The voice actor is MissMoonified and she is definitely credited in the game with a special mention :)
Check out her other work on Twitter under the handle @MissMoonified!

There will be more lewd content in the next update as well! :)
Thank you again for playing, stay funky, and have a merry christmas!

i like the concept of the game,one thing i think could be added though is a way to angle the cannon..that should make it even a little easier.but that's just my oppinion

Dezue responds:

Heyho, timedemon!
Thanks for playing :) Glad you enjoyed the game!
I believe it might get a tad too easy if one were able to angle the cannon, but it's definitely something I'll try out and play around with, maybe even for another game.
Have a funky sexy christmas, man!