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Reviews for "BS Music Visualizer"

and how much do you like Bryce Summer lol YOU ARE BRYCE SUMMER XDDDDDD
uhhh my computers gunna crash cuz of this...BUT I LOVE ITTT
I also like the preset Try-Linear!

Visualizers are a lost art. If you're like me and you never quite gave up Winamp and the various presets and visualizer options, seeing new ones is always a treat for the eyes. Not to mention, what a wonderful way to showcase your work!

I heavily recommend turning on Fullscreen in the options, and playing with the options for fine-tuning the visuals. My favorite presets are Connect the Dots and Black Hole, though even the default preset is really pleasing to look at.

I won't spend too much time reviewing the music since it should be about the visualizer, but I'll say this: you are one talented artist and I will definitely be checking your Audio Portal posts.

Only have a tiny nitpick: No pause button! I would have liked at least that, but I don't think that nitpick is worth reducing the score. Well-deserved five stars.

BryceSummer responds:

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it :).

This is really nice to look at, great job on the visuals and music!