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Reviews for "StarFox Fox McCloud x Krystal Porn Parody! (MrSafetyLion) (18+)"

OrionStargazer and SerAzura have it right. The scenes feel too weird with them in clothes in the shower, progressing towards nudity, then more clothes on after the shower, only to finish naked again. Also the 2d aspect has just felt wrong on all your works. I'm not fully against it but your 3d opening cutscenes outshine your 2d ones everytime even if the 3d versions are shorter.

gonna have to agree with what was said below, the different clothes on for every scene was weird, the background noise was unneeded, add that with the moans and the music made for a very annoying video to watch thru.

would of been a lot better if you took out the background noise completely then amped up the moans and music a bit.

Nicely done

Different from the usual 3D. Dig it! Keep at it and thanks!

Why do they shower with all their clothes on and THEN get progressively more naked afterwards? Also the weird thunder storm sounds throughout the whole thing kind of detracted from the video. The 2D intro was kind of out of place and corny too. Good animation though.