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Reviews for "The Perks of being a Princess"

for the accidental and very cute cockslap i just have to give 5stars

I love how expressive her eyes are and how her ears wiggle. Very cute and it demonstrates a lot of character. Good job!

Hello! I'm a Blender user as well. Sorry for asking, but I have a question. How did you made the BOTW shader? I mean, I searched plenty tutorials at the internet and yet I got no sucession on it. Could you help me? If you want you can DM as well.

Also, nice animation like your DVA ones.

lvl3toaster responds:

The shader isnt too difficult to make, its just a standard toon shader setup on 2.8 eevee. Use a shader to rbg on a diffuse node. Use a color ramp node to sharpen the shadows. add the texture in. if you google blender 2.8 eevee toon shader, its probably the first link.

The tricky part is to get the colors of the model to match with the color of ingame zelda. you have to go into photoshop or gimp and mess with the colors until they look similar to the ingame model.

I dont often go on newgrounds, unless to post things. So if you have anymore questions, you can message my twitter. Or you can just dm me on newgrounds, but I may not see it for awhile.

I love how her ears respond to her excitement and how her titties jiggle!

this is really good, very in character.