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Reviews for "Tanks for the Memories"

nailed it

Okay yes the aiming is weird, but you can still play (and win!) plus the atmosphere is great and the controls are smooth (if frustrating with the ever-changing camera angles).

Brilliant spoof and playable and enjoyable in its own right! Funny and spooky at the same time.

Complaints: the dog key is red, so it's hard to distinguish from blood on the walls. And there's no feedback for the house key versus the basement key, would make more sense if you get a message saying "you found the house key" or "you found the basement key". The audible cues for the animal keys are great, though make no sense, which is what makes them even more great...

Man, this took me back to the ol' Alone in the Dark and Resident Evil days. Pretty funny game and interesting execution. Actually pretty spooky at times (but thats maybe me being a sissy). Loved the variety of camera angles that were utilized. Mechanics were a bit confusing at times, such as not being able to tell what key you picked up, and how the animal keys appear in a random spot when you kill the zombie tanks.

What am I playing? And why is it broken?

This is incredibly fun. Good stuff!