Reviews for "Link's Theme(Disto Guitar)"


aw for your gf how sweet!

How about some more zelda remixes for your NG friends?

vcrock responds:

Sure thing! I just got a new guitar and I'm starting to learn how to control my orchestra better, so expect better work in the future.


Amazing, I love it!


How nice of you to make this kick-ass song for your girlfriend.It's awsome

vcrock responds:

I'm glad everyone likes it. More so, I'm glad that SHE likes it! lol. I plan on uploading a clearer sounding version that's a little easier on the ears.

Good Job!

Hey, this song was pretty darn good :) cool that your gf like zelda ^-^

good song!

i like what you did with it, the only thing that was sub-par was the clarity, it was kinda sketchy but really good, you probobly work on this for a while, good job!!