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Reviews for "Adagio for Hope"

Holy shit half a day and no review! That arp tho. I'm sorry that my original tracks weren't as rad as this one, cos your piece is GODDAMNLY BLOWING AMAZING. And here comes that tempo trick again. You took a beetle and turn it INTO A DRAGON. 2 beetles... I think you sir have done a crazily unique track. I'm super duper impressed!

And those progressions :O. HOW? I admit this is gonna be something totally out of my league. Master. Fucking master!!! :O It keeps getting better at every listen. You guys really blow my mind up to space. Each of you comes up with absolute unique and solid work that could rival each other, if ever entered a contest.

This is just... wow. So mind blowing. You are amazing. In person and in production. Thank you for everything. This is... man I ran out of words to describe... :O Thank you for believing my me, and supporting me and everyone else all these times.

Phonometrologist responds:

That arp is you. I found that midi section, and just exploited it by adding a different instrument and changing notes to fit the harmony. You pretty much created the original melodies, and I merely added the harmonies. Perhaps, you can create more interesting melodies than I, and with how much I like harmonies, we can combine our strengths to create something more interesting. The melodies you created dictated what chords could initially fit, and I just continued the thought process.