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Reviews for "AIM - Chris, the Boat and the Tormented Sea"

I don't generally listen to many solo piano pieces. However, this captured my thoughts, and I think it deserving of merit. The notes outside the chords depict the most emotion, which I admire. Your control and spidering fingers breathe life into a piece I otherwise would have seen around and not through -- a splendid entry. Thank you!

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

It's cool if you felt my piano piece was good enough to listen to and enjoy, even if you generally don''t pay the genre too much mind. Thank you, for being so avid in reviewing everyone's work; you're doing a great job!

Wow, not sure what to criticise here. Some beautifully written music!

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Thanks a lot for listening and reviewing, 9LinesArtworx! :3

Ah, Lucid! Hail and well met, my friend. Very happy to see you have arrived with an entry of your own.

You move so effortlessly and gracefully from major to minor chords, conveying both the sense of wonder and adventure of a boating excursion, and the fact that it goes somewhat awry due to the capricious nature of the sea. You're playing captures the imagery well, emotions of mixed excitement and fear being conveyed as your fingers dance up and down the keys.

Although the track itself is a very solid four minutes in length, the journey seems to end so much sooner. Yet another hallmark of all the best music would be getting lost in it, which I most certainly have. Thank you very much for the art-inspired journey! Yet another gorgeous solo piano track has been added to your ever-expanding repertoire.

LucidShadowDreamer responds:


As I mentioned in the description, I wouldn't want to miss out on this contest ;)
That said, it ended up being a bit of a last minute one. Luckily, once I knew what I wanted to make, the process was ridiculously fast :O

This composition is indeed very reliant upon the chords used, and the changes between them. It has been a while since I composed any longer section of a piece in this style, but I found it very enjoyable to do! For this kind of atmosphere, the right chords (almost) literally found themselves. You interpretation of my composition together with the art, seems to be a shared one! I'm quite happy about that :)

It's great to hear that the length didn't feel like a drag, but more like a journey with an abrupt ending, of sorts. I love getting lost in other people's piano compositions that are similarly styled, so every now and then I try my best to evoke that experience in others. Thank you very much, for the listen as well as for your words!

Have a great one ;)

First listen I thought about The Terminal by shadow6nothing9. The nostalgia is very deep. But this piece is a beautiful composition on its own. I am honored​. This piece is amazingly fit that art piece. I love the progression of the melodies. And the uncertainty of the overall mood. There's despair and desperate, but there's also hope somewhere in there. It's a strange feeling that it was inspired by something close to my heart. I remember something about the piece, it was a birthday present for somebody that they didn't really pay attention to. And I'm so glad it didn't lose to time.

Thank you for this work.

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

I remember "The Terminal"! So it's awesome that this piece reminded you of it :O! I can definitely hear the resemblance.

It's really the most important to hear from you that the piece fits the art, considering you're the one who made it, once upon a time. So thank you very much!

You really captured a large part of the theme, with "uncertainty". I'm glad you get it! While I definitely want there to be a slightly negative tone at parts, I want the overall experience to be a bit more ambiguous ^ ^
"Hope" would probably also fit quite well, considering who else has used the art for inspiration in the past!

Oh, was it? I'm glad that the art is still alive, and has more than one composition inspired by it. It certainly is deserving of that!

Thank you very much for creating the art, for listening, and for writing down your thoughts. And for being you ;)
Good luck in the AIM!

Not sure what to add, beautiful piece man. <3 Fits the picture well.

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Thanks, dude. I know you've been horking hard, so thanks a lot for organizing this contest, and taking your time to listen to and review everything! :)