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Reviews for "drowning (AIM)"

but what are u AIMing for

johnfn responds:

oops i pasted the wrong response to your review

I have no idea how I missed this get posted. I feel bad that I did.


This is definitely you. I love hearing your style pop up here and again. Although, for a sad song, this is pretty peaceful and happy. I bet I can write something more sad (haha not a real challenge. Making sad songs make me sad, and sad isn't fun lol).

But I get where you're going with this. And I dig it. The more I listen to it, the more I can just about visualize a thought process going on with this, and the emotion. And it makes me happy.

My mind is confused now. Thanks for that.

But I'm happy

johnfn responds:

:> thanks spadezer!!

beep bwoop ~

I dig this a lot. It keeps your interest the whole way through, the percussion and instruments are well chosen and very well mixed, and it just has a great atmosphere.

I'm a huge fan of the glide you've got on the lead synth. It's well placed when it's there. The piano is another standout feature of this piece. The delay and stereo effects you threw on it really make it shine that much more. The filtering and the little fx pads placed around the track are just the icing on the cake.

Fantastic song, as always. I'd expect nothing less.

johnfn responds:

your kind words are much apprecitated papkee! :>

Dude, this is like some Star Wars / Fifth Element type jazz. This is really freaking cool. Not sure if it fits the piece, some parts do, some parts feel like something else. But what I love about your music is you have this signature style and you stand out. Good job man.

johnfn responds:

thanks RF, much appreciated all the work that you do reviewing all these pieces - that's no easy feat! glad that i am starting to develop a style :)

Oh weird, I totally missed this yesterday when I said it was a shame you didn't participate this year! I think it didn't show up in my feed for some reason :'(

I'm glad I found myself looking around today though, as I got to hear such a nice piece because of it!
Everything form the melodies, to the arrangement to the mixing sounds fine to me :)
I don't mind the slower pace nor the increase in "laid down-ness", compared to your genearal entires for competitions.

IMO this also fits perfectly with the art!
So great job, and good luck :DDD

On another note, whatever happened to your Ludum Dare game?

johnfn responds:

hahaha I saw your response and I was like "what the heck is he talking about..." that was pretty funny :D

my ludum dare game exists - it's over on my ludum dare profile! it's really goofy, and there's like 1-2 really big bugs that I've been procrastinating on fixing, but i ended up really liking the game anyways. :)

glad you liked my song too!