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Reviews for "40 IN 30- A PAPA JOHNS TALE"

This feels alot like MAD

Man you crank you movies like an assembly line. They really all have the same feel and sound.
That aside, all it needed was a racial slur.

The animation is always nice but your writing is getting a bit predictable as I'm always expecting something gross or a character acting in a crazy and/or horrible way with said character doing the same over dramatic voice. It would be refreshing to see you challenge yourself by doing something out of your comfort zone.

meatcanyon responds:

While I agree that my toons have a very formulaic rhythm, I would argue that the context for this, given the source material it came from, fits.Also its fun doing the voice and my audience seems to enjoy it. That being said I do agree that I want to branch out and approach these Horror Comedies from a different angle. I am trying to grow in the area of writing and voice acting for sure. I appreciate the comment bud.

He has ascended.
Nice animation btw. Additionally, I really like the voice picked for John.

very well animated and pretty funny. The voice is pretty good but i feel it could be bettter. and the music in the background is alirght. could be more powerful if that makes sense