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Reviews for "How Crow Clock Stole XMas"

Great work!!!111

You gave this entry a 5, raising its score to 3.55!

Your skills are impressive... Quite impressive.

This was very well done. One of the best movies I've seen here in fact. It was stylish and original, the visuals were awesome, and the animation was even better. It was humorous in some parts also, which surprised me. All I have left to say is, keep up the great work!

- RPb

that was great

lol That was great interesting story and i liek how you tied Mr. T in their, he is always good to have around to help make portal entries look good ;) Well keep up the good work i really liked it but then agian i liek the clocks but yea it was good, keep it up ^^


Ya.. i dont really like clokc movies... but this one is too good...


another nice one. keep it up man, your the greatest artist on NG! i wish i had your mad-skills. That would rock. But anyways, your the man!