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Reviews for "How Crow Clock Stole XMas"

Gorgeous movie.

I loved it. My five to you.

I didnt understand a thing

but it was still cool as fuck

WOW that was good

this move was so awesom.I agree with azurewrathhal the sound made the best part of the move. i aslo thought the graphics were cool

Markhk Don't br a fool,wrap your tool

Whew, that was sweet

ugh...that rocked.....it was cool on it's own but the music made it even better...whoever made the decision not to put voices in made a good one, they would have taken away from the awesome music

I'm glad i've been around long enough to understand what was going on...lol

Wish i had seen it around christmas



Awsome, I think crow clock and the Clock Crew, Is one of the BEST! on NG, I laughed so hard when the Picclo and Hurcle, where hideing lol.... Thats funny stuff, but Mostly Bad Ass!