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Reviews for "How Crow Clock Stole XMas"


I was expecting a little something like Stawberryclock's How da Bitch stole Xmas but this is really good. All Hail STRAWBERRYCLOCK the King of The Portal.

poor crab apple

sorry crow u got to be a lil nice u no its wasn't on perpes I wish u would come back the clockcrew misses u and how nice u where

Not bad!

It's freakin' hot out, so I decided to watch a Christmas special to cool myself down. This was a releif from the heat and another satisfying clock film.

Hey, where's the film which shows how CrowClock came to be?

fourchinnigan responds:

Watch Crow Clock-Deat to Rasp

one of the best clock moives

You've really exposed the wicked nature of crow clock perhaps youu should depict him as such in future films rather than he was in the shorts

It's ok...

You should add alternate endings to this movie instead of crow clock losing to the clock crew and traekwon and this is the 2nd time crow clock lost... :( (damn you SBC and your shitty catch phrase)