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Reviews for "How Crow Clock Stole XMas"

Brilliant Clock Flash

THE REVENGE OF CROW CLOCK!!! Even Clock-haters might like this!


now tht was funny!!!!!!!!



wow, i was almost crying when raspberry was at the cemetary!
laughed, cried, and was proven once again that the CC's flashes are everlasting.

happy-almost 3 year anniversary to this flash.


Its very good!

This is an excellant movie. Humour, style, content, images, yes!

You have created a world, which in itself deserves credit. Your images of the Portal are top class, especially the Flash movie falling down.

Shame about the quality of Dean Martin's song- can you improve it?
the contrast between the silent movie and the cheerful music at both ends is good.
The Dragon/Spirit Alliance are neutral towards the Clock Crew, we review Clock material solely on content

tis almost the season again

This is one of my all-round favorite Clock movies of all time. The presentation, style, use of music and - remarkably enough - almost no sound effects and no voices, but it works. CrowClock is visualized awesomely, StrawberryClock plays a wonderful Optimus Prime-like role, and Olskoo's arrival, especially in combination with the music, just makes you want to pump a fist in the air. Hooray!