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Reviews for "How Crow Clock Stole XMas"




Well, another clock -movie. Weird, and i had to watch it again to fully understand it, i got confused on the blamming part :P

Oh well, kewl. Nice graphics, sounds and so on. Not much to say about this one.

Keep up the good work.


this was incredible. great job.

When I grow up,

I wanna be just like you, except for the hiheels part.


nice graphics

the clock crew will always have people who will give them zeros cause they have bad reputations of making horible flashes but this... no its not horible but people still say it is cause they just plain hate the clock crew. They dont care what clock it is the will still blam it but most of the lozers that hate you dont even have flash or had all of their flashes blamed so point of for the clock crew 0 for the lozers that cant see this took a while to make. Good job fourchinnigan you are one of the good clocks that doesnt suck at flash.