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Reviews for "How Crow Clock Stole XMas"

Mighty awesome!

This was a nice flash by clock crew, just as they always do. Using many traits from before, evolving more and keeping a decent storyline all the way. One of the main reasons Clock crew is so popular is because of their way to pressure that barrier of what is good and what would be better and always never overdoing the capabilities of what people wish to see.

Some people can only understand and others can just marvel. Either way they are both impressed.


That was the best clock movie i've ever seen in my life. I like how you opted for the subtitles instead of the damn ass computer voices. Good job. The music fit well, i wish there were more sound effects or something. Other then that, it was fantastic.

I liked it but...

I still hate clocks sorry but I've said it once and I'll say it again Strawberry Clock is a fool. He was a crappy animator and I'll never understand why so many good animators worship him Toms the real hero and Chracters like Pico thats what NG is all about

damn... that was hella good...

raspberry clock better watch out... he never knows when crow clock will come back... good job man... this movie was sooooooooo good... I FIFENED! :)

You gave this entry a 5, raising its score to 3.81!

Well I will be looking foward to more of your movies... sdasdaabhdgdafafsdfsafs

crow clock movies are all way's good but this one was great =)