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Reviews for "How Crow Clock Stole XMas"

great movie.

although it all sounds familiar..........i'm sure i've seen this before.


I like it, should've tried changing the music up, wasn't hard enough for some of the fighting... other than that though it was really cool


A long cool movie I've ever seen!!! Oh my god, some people gave you a zero....Well, it's all right, they are all gay. ;)

Did I enjoy it?

"Crow Clock has returned to destroy the Clock Crew and ruin Christmas. His year trapped in the Portal has only made him stronger. This movie is 6 minutes. Enjoy."

Nah ... I didn't enjoy it, it's just another piece of crap by FourChinnigan

(p.s. the 10 for Violence is for how much it harmed my eyes)

fourchinnigan responds:

You still hold a grudge against me for the review I wrote of your movie like a year ago. That is just pathetic. Funny that a guy who writes such asshole reviews of every movie he watches would get so angry over an honest review with actual criticism. Sorry mommy didn't hug you enough.

really good animation.

I liked it. Especially how you draw that shitty toon portraying a regular BLAMED toon that is sent to newgrounds kind of alot. Good music (NIN) and again, good drawing. keep up the fine job of representing what the clock crew is all about.