Reviews for "Terra's Symphony: FFVI"

Nice Remix!

$$$The Good$$$

-Terra's Theme song was great but I think you made it a wee bit better. :)
-The Clarity in this Audio was Awesome! I can hear this Audio beautifully through my speakers.
-The drum beats and the melodies were really well done in this Audio.
-I can see this Audio getting a Gold Track pretty soon.

$$$The Bad$$$

-Drum beats did get kinda repetitive.
-Needs more flavor to this Audio!
-This Audio is a remix so Originality will be lowered.


-Overall, This Audio was Awesome and I enjoyed hearing this! Awesome Work Realmguys! Responses are gladly appreciated! :D


PS: I'll review all your works just for the hell of it. ;)

Solid, yo.

It's a great homage. It's one of the only rpgs I've beat over and over without it getting old. There's what I think is a hi-hat that comes in at the... err, bridge? It's kinda loud, and since it's kind low quality it detracts from the rest of the song a little. Besides that, nice work.

Realmguys responds:

Finally someone noticed my mixing error! Was waiting for that. In my final mix I mixed the location of the hi-hat and timpani near the back of the listening space. I forgot that I undid this function right before mixdown and just totally missed it when recording the mix. So now they are pretty much positioned closest to the listener, like right in your face. It's distracting. I'm a little embarassed about that, but it's way beyond fixing at this point. Thanks for the review.

The Best Song In The FF Series!

You captured it's heart and soul and remixed it to be nearly as good as the original.
I couldn't give 10 as my heart belongs to the original version but you have my gratitude for an amazing remix. I have downloaded it and you get a 5 from me... Thank You!

Realmguys responds:

Thank you very much for the download and review. I really appreciate it.


I like this one. This sounds like one of those remixes that you hear at the end of the game during the credits.