Reviews for "Terra's Symphony: FFVI"

Euphoric in Design

Ahh my friend, the memories.

This song is annonymous with perfection, a true masterpiece. Each not is filled with intense epicness that shall never be matched.

You did the song justice and reminded me of the power that the Snes once had.

Thank you.

Realmguys responds:

Thank you very much, I really appreciate the review.

love this song

one of my favorite final fantasy melodies, great job

LOVE this song!

Great remix!!! Now I want to run around a field in search of random battles.


I like this one. This sounds like one of those remixes that you hear at the end of the game during the credits.

Very well done.

This theme has always been one of my favorites in the game. And the way you did this song brings back the entire story of Terra back to my mind. I think it's rather lovely. Soft and gentle to get across Terra's story while maintaining that march-like beat in the background.
I noticed the mixing error also. It just sounded a bit odd when the drums sound like they were right in front of you, almost as if you were playing them yourself. But it is alright overall. ^_^
Great work!

-HFX ^_^