Reviews for "Terra's Symphony: FFVI"

Simply Phemnonmenal

There is so much Emotion in this piece. You my good sir have captured that emotion wonderfully, dare I say it, Almost as good as nobuo uematsu himself. This definately gets a 5/5 and a 10/10. I'm actually surprised this hasn't been used in a flash yet. keep up the good work.

Magnificent and Awesome

I must say that this is some of the best music i have ever heard. I give you a 5/5 and a 10/10. Remixes donĀ“t get better then this, good work.

ive listened to it already like 50 times

not in one part of the song was the symphony over done this is perfect ..one of the best on newgrounds 4 SURE . i wish i could say so much more about how beautiful this song is but i cant describe it .. but simply just PERFECT
much props
- chris


I don't ever vote 5 on audio, and I did on this. The pace brings out her feelings of confusion and loss, the notes pull the hope there is left, and the percussion binds it all behind her marching on. You perfectly captured the feeling behind this song, and that it's from one of my all time favorite games would normally lead me to say otherwise. As picky as I am about music in general, I'm more picky about FFVI Music than almost anything. 5/5, 10/10, download... I'm not sure what other honors I could give you if any. Needless to say, I'm impressed.

Realmguys responds:

Wow, I really appreciate the lengthy review. There were some failures on my part regarding the percussion on this piece, but I'm glad that you saw past them. I really had a fun time re-doing this song. Your kindness has no limits thank you thank you thank you.

i used to love tis game

kinda making me tear up just thinking about this game, thx for making this

Realmguys responds:

Thanks for the review! Glad you liked it.