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Reviews for "Christmas ADVENTure 2019"

I like it.Guess i have someting else to look out for in the future.

I stabbed him but he just melted!

Welp I couldn't stab anyone and chat text show up every time I try stab them. Is it a bug or something?
Merry Christmas! Btw sry I burn down the tree...and burn everyone...

GeoKureli responds:

nope, not a bug. none of them are the killer

I can't figure this out. At this point I've stabbed everyone but still can't find the killer.

EDIT: Oh God Damnit

MrShmoods responds:

The answer's in the crime scene photo. Give it another look and explore more.

GeoKureli responds:

"I've stabbed everyone but still can't find the killer." -stuffers24
top review of 2019

"trying to think outside the box" gets an idea,stab everything,profit s t o n k s

Chdonga responds:

There is no problem that can't be solved with stabbing