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Reviews for "Christmas ADVENTure 2019"

so what was the last secret medal, bottom row 4th from the right?
great game otherwise, very good cheer.

update. just short of a year later, I have every medal but 58548, bottom row 4th from right. Argh.

Chdonga responds:

Defeat Tricky using the frozen Tuna. If it melts it won't count so you've got about 2 minutes to wail on him. Good luck!!

GeoKureli responds:

There's some content you didn't see in the calendar

How do I pick up the knife

Merry Chrismas! Thanks for Me!

What an adventure it was! Murder mystery, instrumental mini games and what-not, good art, of course. If you keep this going next year as well I wonder how you'll be able to top this one... maybe just keep building upon it/switching up already integrated events?

The calendar was IMO definitely the best addition yet. Great to actually be able to get whatever gifts you might've missed along the way without waiting a full year, and other mysteries that apparently also unlocked other otherwise unobtainable medals. Confusing name with the End Part 2 medal though, considering the prior one was a totally different kind of ending. And not really an ending. Anyway:finally got it, so I'm good, all good, good fun.

Merry Christmas y'all! Appreciate how dynamic and characteristically charismatic this turned out to be, and all that effort gone into it, all the way past the last day.


GeoKureli responds:

There's a few things I wanted to add but just didn't have time. I don't know if I'll do it next year but I know there's a lot of ways to make it even better.

how do you get presents

Sevi responds:

You can only get them if you were nice this year.

Mimny responds:

You press SPACE in front of every box!
If you're playing it on mobile, tap on the box once you get to be in front of it
Move with WASD or arrows (Computer) or press and hold into any point of the cabin (Mobile)

Edit: Also yes, you need to be nice to get them (????