Reviews for "CANCELLED #1 - PILOT"

Great premise and rockin soundtrack!

Lovely :)

very good yes

this is really good I love the art and movement in this animation.

Palkoark responds:

thank u!

This was a very good pilot! Super proud of ya for finishing this, it was fun seeing you work on it. Your comedic timing is very good and your characters are likeable. I agree with some of Dieselpunks points, I do think that this might be a bit long for what happens in it. I think it would be more interesting if Trent had more questionable moral values, and for it to show more in his personality.

I do like how you're not rushing everything and trying to introduce every character in the first episode, but I think the pacing still could've been tighter in this one. At the end of the episode, all that basically happened is Trent & Elliot get fired, then start up cancelled. That's it really, It's still enjoyable to watch because it's funny, but I think if less time was spent on them getting fired and more time on developing the idea for the website, it would have set up the show a bit better.

''Brevity is the soul of wit'' - William Shakesman, I think. saw that in a Plinkett review lol

The animation is nice and fun, I adore Elliots fun expressions and sound effects, and Wills shakiness. I like how your not afraid to go weird with it, like the health inspector guy just fading away and Elliots fabulous run cycle, it adds alot of comedy to what otherwise could be bland moments. The visuals are definitely at it's best when they're weird and cartoony and unexpected. I think some of the backgrounds could have been more refined though, I like the simplicity but some of them feel rushed.

All things said though, this is still a charming as hell cartoon with a lot of love put into it, and I'm excited to see more. I admire the dedication and passion, and I got nothing but high hopes for this series. Keep it up man!!

Palkoark responds:

Thanks bro!!!!