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Reviews for "1st Circle of Hell - Limbo - sexy intro"

The music is atrocious.
There is also a severe lack information regarding the possible options. There is no fun in just randomly clicking around the screen and trying to find the right spot, which is especially unfun considering the boobs have a hitbox outside their actual sprites.


Music is based on taste, sorry you find it atrocious, we like it.
Hovering over the girl suffices, you don't need to click randomly on the screen. If you see the mouse arrow become a hand you will know that there is something clickable.
Given the amount of boob hotspots in this version and the huge change in size of the boobs, setting them just outside of the boob itself offers 2 advantages.
1 you don't need to cover the boob with the mouse and 2 the buttons don't overlap at the smaller sizes. Nonetheless, if a user finds those hotspots unpractical, there is a menu on the bottom right hand side of the screen that offers the same functions.

After the penetration there doesn't seem to be another option, if this is the case some sort of method should be used to convey that you've exhausted all options, if this is not the case, there should be a timer based hint button that only becomes available after a set period of no progression to help assist with said progression


The penetration options are the last to activate yes. This is only an intro to a new realm, it is not meant to be a full sex scene.