Reviews for "Wayward"


Cute game! Enjoyed the interesting choice that had to be made and felt it was quite effective. While the graphics of the game are very cute, they could maybe use a little bit more work in certain aspects: for example, falling into the water could use an animation of splashing and sinking. Would like to see some more sound effects to if possible. All in all, a nice, short and sweet game: would love to see more!

I think this game is beautiful. I love the music and the artwork. 4/5 stars only because I would like to have different temptations, distractions, and outcomes. The basic idea is fantastic, and I'm a big fan of casual games. Please build on this!

that's sad, how her parents called her a disappointment.


It's a nice and simple game. I liked the music and the little variation between the two endings.

Taking this chance to also reply to the comment made before mine, the correct path is damn obvious. I can't even see how you could have gotten it wrong unless you followed the path to gather mushrooms but even so, it's a much smaller and trickier path, making it obvious that it won't be the path to your main goal since you have a short amount of time and the path you had walked on so far is made by large boards and has few obstacles.
I also don't understand the question about your character not knowing the way. It's obvious they know the way,you (as the one in control) made them purposefully get out of their way to go explore other areas. It doesn't mean the character doesn't know the way but that they chose not to follow it in a timely manner for whatever reason you might have had to not keep the character on the right path.
And the "punishments" you say happen in both endings are called consequences. Both endings have good and bad consequences to the character and the granny ,which makes it a lot more interesting, realistic (since most of our actions have good and bad consequences for everyone involved) and it's slighlty more complex than a fully good or bad ending or endings that just involve the character and their situation.
It's also easy to understand the player's motivation to help the granny. You do it because it's a good deed and helping other people it's something that is its own reward. In addition to that, knowing that in this ending the grandma is healthy and is grateful for what you did for her makes it that much better. In the end it's a choice between helping yourself or helping other people.