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Reviews for "Princes Quest Version 0.1 UNCENSORED"

This is definitely an interesting project you're going for, I will say, it's a bit more put together than I was expecting at this state as well. A few things did notice though playing through:
Voiceovers at times lagged or just didn't match with that the in-game text boxes said, during the sex parts in particular I got somewhat confused with some of the lines that wouldn't be said technically until the next text box or two would be voiced. I also felt that while for the most part, while the voices were definitely cheesy and porny, they worked, I felt "Jazz's"voice being perhaps the best done. Some text boxes just didn't have voiced lines accompanying them at all, which made them stand out when most of the rest of the game was voiced.
Another issue I had admittedly was the lack of options, though I do imagine again this is more a result of being early into the project. There's multiple points where you're given the option to say "yes" and "no" to events, but they're more or less useless and don't lead to anything else but some extra text boxes to read. A few alternate branching paths would be interesting. Also I would suggest locking out the "no" option after picking it once to avoid endless repeats of the same conversations, just because they don't really change up.
Finally I may be just missing it, but I think a scene selector or a way to replay the game after completion, if only for the novelty's sake. After that I'd suggest a few things like options to look at the text logs for previous text boxes, and options to rehear voice clips as well. Some more audio rebalancing, and I think you'll be on the right track even moreso than what you've got so far.

Crisisbeat responds:

Thanks a lot for the feedback! The uncensored version wioll be up tonight but I will try to add changes for the next version!

Wow. The Rogue, Mage, and Priest are really not great VA wise. Really over-acting. That seems like it might be part of the priest's character, but the other two just aren't good.

how you go back to the mainpage after the spty finishes???

and there are no actual decision making to the game, abit of a shame.

5 stars for the models, but the voice acting terrible and the demo felt like it was rushed, for a demo to put it censored to everyone is bad cause peole might think that is the actual content and the uncesored version of the demo u need to pay its sad to see that (i advice the owner to change that in the future demos cause u might lose alot of interest from people). My vote was my honest opinion im not gonna kiss ass like some people later on will appear.

But im gonna wait for like 2 or 3 more updates and then i will patreon and try again to see how much is the game improved (i do hope it improve cause u got here a gem).

Ok, here are my thoughts on them as I go.

1) Having the Voice speed up when I skip is funny, but it's also a joke that can wear off quickly. If someone skips the reading it's probably because they want to go on.

2) I really like the voice work of the Narrator

3) Having the Ice mage be straight up Elsa is silly and if you intend to take money or this game should be changed, considering it could be seen as copyright infringement by Disney (Who are known to Cease and Desist even Fan Games sometimes). That counts for all the main Characters but Elsa is the most glaring one out all of them. Yes I realise it'S Princes(s) quest but like, can you at least try to make those characters more unique?

4) only 3 Voice actors for 5 girls is not enough. Without taking anything away from their performance, ideally you want every character to have their own voice to make them feel distinct from the others.

5) The Yes / NO option is kinda redundant :D It'S not voiced and the story doesn't go on until I press yes. Not sure it needs to be there.

6) The Art is ok. It looks like 3D Models with a cartoon shader is that correct?

7) Is the Priest literally called "Priest"? Come on now. You had a different name for Elsa which wasn't "Ice Mage". Some consistent naming convention would be highly appreciated. (Oh she's called "Seashell"...why does the narrator call her just "Priest"?)

8) After the slimes show up the Rogue lines weren't voiced anymore

9) The 2nd Yes / No option is even more underwhelming than the first because it looked like the No would be a legitemate option with it's own plan attached to it, and yet the story wants me to pick yes to go on. If you don't want me to have an option DON'T GIVE ME AN OPTION.

10) The Slime Fight CG is either badly rendered or poor quality. Maybe the paid version on Patreon is better but I'm sure you understand why I'm not excited about a pay wall.

11) The 3rd Yes / No choice....same deal as the other two. You DO understand that this doesn't count as "gameplay" right? At this point it's not even a joke, because it has been used too much.

12) apparently the flower can make girls honry, who knew. (It's a simple typo, I believe in you to be able to fix this)

13) The music choice was ok. Didn't really feel dynamic but also didn't distract too much.

I could see this getting to a promising level though all in all. Especially the Voice actors fill me with confidence about this. Just make sure to axe the unnecessary choices and add in some meaningfull ones and were on a good track.

oh and I never rate unfinished games more than 3 stars in the best case so take my 1 star rating with a grain of salt. I wish you success in this endeavour.