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Reviews for "Princes Quest Version 0.1 UNCENSORED"

Lovely work, Crisisbeat. You and your team are greatly talented. Only reason I didn't score a 5 is because I thought there were going to be videos during the explicit scenes. However, now that I see what to expect, future scores will be adjusted.

Not bad. It's clear that a lot of effort was put into making this, it is well made. I liked the inclusion of a narrator and voice actors. The artwork is excellent.
The illusion of free choice was disappointing and detracted from the whole sense of adventure.

A replay/return to main menu button would be cool too.

Models and sex scenes are on point, but what's the point of offering multiple choices if it just forces you to pick the other one anyway? All in all, well done so far, but this is just shy of greatness.

Not much here, more like a movie than a game. But, entertaining and with good art. Look forward to whatever comes next.

how you go back to the mainpage after the spty finishes???

and there are no actual decision making to the game, abit of a shame.