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Reviews for "Princes Quest Version 0.1 UNCENSORED"

Everything about this is perfection and we love it!

design, great
story line, great
Sex scenes, amazing, though for an adult game about an all female adventure party there is a supersizing lack in nudity. the scenes and art are still amazing just curious as to why.

Ok lets try this...
its Very promising, I like it!!!!!!!
We need more of it!!!

voice acting wasn't that bad considering the context. only one i have issue with was the narrator. bigg shift in diolec. using dizney princess likeness a big plus. the two ladies did a outstanding job and so did you crisisbeat! dont have alot of funds to be a patreon but damn sure would THIS IS GREAT WORK!!! very fun art!

Crisisbeat responds:

Thanks! also for using the Z on D1zney. I´m glad you enjoy the project, don't worry abour the money, this game is a project I enjoy and want to share for free, every update will be first on Patreon but after 3 or 4 days it will be free and public always

It's Great Overall
but my only Minus Points are at the Voice Acting
Jasmine and Aurora's Voice sounds the Same and Mulan's Voice need to be a little bit Louder(But don't get too close with the Microphone)
Additional Note : Put some Accents on the Character's Voice