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Reviews for "Princes Quest Version 0.1 UNCENSORED"

5 stars for the models, but the voice acting terrible and the demo felt like it was rushed, for a demo to put it censored to everyone is bad cause peole might think that is the actual content and the uncesored version of the demo u need to pay its sad to see that (i advice the owner to change that in the future demos cause u might lose alot of interest from people). My vote was my honest opinion im not gonna kiss ass like some people later on will appear.

But im gonna wait for like 2 or 3 more updates and then i will patreon and try again to see how much is the game improved (i do hope it improve cause u got here a gem).

It's Great Overall
but my only Minus Points are at the Voice Acting
Jasmine and Aurora's Voice sounds the Same and Mulan's Voice need to be a little bit Louder(But don't get too close with the Microphone)
Additional Note : Put some Accents on the Character's Voice

to be honest, I didn't even finished here that I went to Patreon to support your project, the art is great, everything is great, keep going =)

design, great
story line, great
Sex scenes, amazing, though for an adult game about an all female adventure party there is a supersizing lack in nudity. the scenes and art are still amazing just curious as to why.

Everything about this is perfection and we love it!