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Reviews for "Princes Quest Version 0.1 UNCENSORED"

Exactly what I've been looking for! Keep up the fantastic work!!!


There is a lot of misplaced narration and voicing in the scenes and many times that the voices wouldn't even play. This all happens after the slime fight.

The fact that the fight had sound effects of swords clinging and the vine attack had no sound effects whatsoever alongside misplaced voicing from the female protagonists was a real downer. It would've been fun to hear the sound of the vines entering them with a lot of noises like splatters, squirts, and claps from the speed of the movement. A great example of where the lack of sfx had great effect was the part where Jasmine said, "Not so rough!"

Some feedback on what I, and probably many others who are interested in your visual novel, would like to see in the future.

Try to add choices: When choosing to enter the cave or not, perhaps the characters will decide to avoid the cave when selecting no, but one of the characters decide to barge in anyways, thus resulting in everyone else following her. When the fight with the slimes is given option, you can choose to avoid the slimes. It wouldn't matter much anyways since there was simply no use of fighting them. A way to make the game extra interesting in regards to the slimes would be (as an example) to add a few intelligent foes in the deeper end of the dungeon that request that the girls pay with slime cores to pass through. Killing the slimes would mean that they are 2 cores short and 2 of the girls would be forced to stay behind or they would need to barge through. Ignoring the slimes will lead to the group to need to go back and get them or force their ways through. For the plant scene, a really great no option would've been Seashell moving away from the plant and the group move on, or she leaves the plant and another person clumsily steps on the plant, forcing in the scene in both cases.

Since the plant made them horny, it would've been really fun to see them making out with one another and maybe even pleasing each other before getting attacked by the vines. This would've appealed to the diversity of your followers and the people passing by to watch this visual novel.

Other comments

The lighting and art style are really great and as expected from someone like you. I love your style but only for your princess models. For some reason your pokemon and non-princess Disney models aren't to my taste. I love these models a lot but would've loved it if the visual novel was to go to the level of these models.
You did a good job considering the fact that you decided to use Unity: "It's a decent software to make terrible games." (I am not saying that your game is terrible, but what I said is the usual outcome of Unity since there is so little you can do with it and it really limits your capabilities). I don't know how Newgrounds works but I am sure that you would make better products using something like Unreal.

All and all, I really loved this novel from an artistic pov and not from a gameplay pov. I hope to see more in the future on this project and maybe see your game on other platforms! Thank you for the effort, money, and time you put into this project, have a great day.

Crisisbeat responds:

Thanks a lot for your feedback

how you go back to the mainpage after the spty finishes???

and there are no actual decision making to the game, abit of a shame.

Ok, here are my thoughts on them as I go.

1) Having the Voice speed up when I skip is funny, but it's also a joke that can wear off quickly. If someone skips the reading it's probably because they want to go on.

2) I really like the voice work of the Narrator

3) Having the Ice mage be straight up Elsa is silly and if you intend to take money or this game should be changed, considering it could be seen as copyright infringement by Disney (Who are known to Cease and Desist even Fan Games sometimes). That counts for all the main Characters but Elsa is the most glaring one out all of them. Yes I realise it'S Princes(s) quest but like, can you at least try to make those characters more unique?

4) only 3 Voice actors for 5 girls is not enough. Without taking anything away from their performance, ideally you want every character to have their own voice to make them feel distinct from the others.

5) The Yes / NO option is kinda redundant :D It'S not voiced and the story doesn't go on until I press yes. Not sure it needs to be there.

6) The Art is ok. It looks like 3D Models with a cartoon shader is that correct?

7) Is the Priest literally called "Priest"? Come on now. You had a different name for Elsa which wasn't "Ice Mage". Some consistent naming convention would be highly appreciated. (Oh she's called "Seashell"...why does the narrator call her just "Priest"?)

8) After the slimes show up the Rogue lines weren't voiced anymore

9) The 2nd Yes / No option is even more underwhelming than the first because it looked like the No would be a legitemate option with it's own plan attached to it, and yet the story wants me to pick yes to go on. If you don't want me to have an option DON'T GIVE ME AN OPTION.

10) The Slime Fight CG is either badly rendered or poor quality. Maybe the paid version on Patreon is better but I'm sure you understand why I'm not excited about a pay wall.

11) The 3rd Yes / No choice....same deal as the other two. You DO understand that this doesn't count as "gameplay" right? At this point it's not even a joke, because it has been used too much.

12) apparently the flower can make girls honry, who knew. (It's a simple typo, I believe in you to be able to fix this)

13) The music choice was ok. Didn't really feel dynamic but also didn't distract too much.

I could see this getting to a promising level though all in all. Especially the Voice actors fill me with confidence about this. Just make sure to axe the unnecessary choices and add in some meaningfull ones and were on a good track.

oh and I never rate unfinished games more than 3 stars in the best case so take my 1 star rating with a grain of salt. I wish you success in this endeavour.

Not much here, more like a movie than a game. But, entertaining and with good art. Look forward to whatever comes next.