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Reviews for "Whispers of Remembrance"

Oh wow, this truly is pretty! That main melody is so good I might have it stuck in my head for a while... But that's a good thing ;)

I love the fact that you played around with the tempo here and there (Like at 1:30! Super pretty transition). The structure and arrangement, to begin with, are both splendid. There's never too much going on at once, and there's some beauty how you emphasise the different elements, and let them take their time; nothing feels empty either.

I don't have much else to say, other than that I truly enjoyed every second of my stay!
I feel this piece has a good shot at making it far in the competition! But I suppose we shall see ^ ^
Good luck!

ChronoNomad responds:

O hai, Lucid! A pleasure, as always. Happy to plant such a delightful earworm in your head! Maybe it'll give you pleasant dreams, eh? Nothing wrong with that. :D

I spent a lot of time getting those fairly constant tempo changes just right, so it pleases me mightily to hear that they're appreciated! Not to mention such nice feedback regarding the arrangement and overall structure. I find that, while some people prefer simpler tracks, others really like complex layers of music, so I wanted to find a happy medium that keeps things flowing without being too busy. I myself enjoy listening to songs multiple times, in order to focus on different elements, and that kind of depth is what I was AIMing for (because puns). (;

Well hey, thanks a ton for dropping in! You are always welcome, and I hope you'll visit often. I'd like to think I've made a solid contribution to the contest, but yes--we shall see! There are quite a number of entries, and so many talented artists here on Newgrounds, after all. Many thanks for the wonderful review! ^__^

Beautiful! Funny enough that artwork was one of my final choices to inspire me for last year's AIM, though I went with another ErrorCell piece and then never finished my song in time for the deadline.

Anywho, I think you pulled it off better than I could have, so my hat's off to you. Good luck in the contest!

ChronoNomad responds:

Thank you very much for the review, Jacob! I'm not surprised in the least that this image would be an inspiration to others, and there have been several other ErrorCell-inspired songs submitted to this year's AIM, including a brand new one today. It's too bad that yours missed last year's deadline. Was it still completed regardless? I would love to hear it sometime.

That is very kind of you to say! I tip my own hat to you for such a generous compliment, and I shall endeavor to do my best.

Wow....this evokes so much emotion. This is absolutely beautiful. Masterful mixing and structure. Only drawback is around 1:48 is the release on the strings needs to be shortened, and it sounds synthetic compared to the other elements, kind of clashes with the rest of the elements. Still amazing work though overall.

ChronoNomad responds:

Thank you so much, RealFaction! I'm very pleased to hear that you found the piece to be both beautiful and emotional. Your comments on the mixing and structure definitely make me smile, despite the moments that are less than perfect. Regardless of its flaws, I am humbled by such praise, and truly appreciate your feedback.

This is primarily how I like my orchestral; Inspired and real. The overall composition is just wonderful.

Keep up the fantastic work!

ChronoNomad responds:

Many thanks, Chael! I shall indeed. Your review is appreciated, and I'm happy to hear that you enjoy the music.

Excellent writing. The only drawback is overly synthy leads that don't quite mesh with the acoustically realistic accompaniment. This did take me out of my element quite a bit. Regardless, the piece still represents the sense of wonder and perspective conveyed in the artwork, and I enjoyed it enough to download. Spellbinding composition!

ChronoNomad responds:

Thank you for the fine review, EDM364! Yes, I do wish that I had something better to work with, but I do try to squeeze the most out of what I have. Without spending large sums of money, it's really difficult to get a particularly realistic violin sound, whether with a high-priced suite or an actual violin.

Nevertheless, it's always nice to know that the integrity of the composition can still shine through despite inherent flaws. Suffice to say, I am happy to have left you spellbound! As long as the spirit of the artwork is felt through the music, I am content.