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Reviews for "Spooky Starlets BETA 0.3"

Can anyone tell me, how i can unlock scenes in the gallery?

I'm confused... I selected scenes for a film, and clicked "Shoot Film", but it doesn't seem to progress past the first scene..

Do you only get to see one scene? Or is there something I'm missing?

this game is very poorly made you say in the description that all girls have cgs but I just played through and that is obviously not true

TinyHat-Studios responds:

Where were you having issues? Which animations appeared to not be working for you?

Improved over the last version, but not by much. Glad to see most of the UI glitches are gone. Also happy to see a lot fewer generic spirits, but the Creampie animation doesn't seem to work on a bunch of the girls. It just shows a blank stage. Also, if you play enough rounds, the game freezes up. Also, when you click on "Length", it will appear to default to your last selection, but no matter what it says, it will actually be set to "Normal" unless you manually click on the selection you want. Also, the characters that say they have the ability to select the same actions as a previous round don't actually seem to be able to do this more often than not.

The game also still needs a lot more actual content. A long-term goal, more of a story, a tutorial, better-looking animations (if possible), more CGs, etc.

TinyHat-Studios responds:

Do you have any more information? I can't seem to be able to confirm the creampie bug.